Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: Beaufort B. Longest Jr.
Book Name: Managing health services organizations and systems
Subject Name: Social Science

Managing health services organizations and systems 6th Edition Solutions

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The newly revised sixth edition of the most authoritative text on healthcare administration provides professors, students, and practicing administrators with the most comprehensive information available on the subject. Both a professional reference and a teaching text, this widely acclaimed resource examines virtually every aspect of health services management. Trusted for more than 35 years, Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems covers the fundamental frameworks for managing the organization and delivery of health services while emphasizing continuous quality improvement. Explored in this text are the essential knowledge and skills required for success in areas including managerial problem solving, resource allocation and utilization, effective communication, organizational culture, human resources, facilitation of change, and ethical and legal responsibilities. While maintaining the tradition of excellence set forth in previous editions, the sixth edition also keeps pace with the changing healthcare landscape in the United States and the demands placed on its healthcare leaders. The sixth edition includes more than 70 engaging case studies, 30 new! challenging new discussion questions added content on important topics from project management to workplace violence the latest research and data in the field, reflected in every chapter downloadable instructor support materials Found within these pages are the most up-to-date explanations of current healthcare services, practices, and financial management. Sections new to this edition also include project management, emergency preparedness, patient and staff safety, infection control, employee stress, hazardous materials, sharps injuries, and workplace violence. Other useful features include a glossary of acronyms and a complete index. Instructive to students preparing for careers in health services management and as a permanent reference and resource for practicing health services executives, Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems, Sixth Edition, is the most definitive and informative health services management resource available. Managing Health Services Organizations and Systems Instructor's Materials Instructors will rely on these helpful downloadable materials as an essential tool in the classroom. Thought-provoking analyses of the text's discussion questions and case studies will spark classroom discussions and increase students' understanding of complex management issues. Plus, the instructor's materials include extra cases for additional instruction. These downloadable support materials are available at no charge with adoption of the text! New to the sixth edition: Updated content in every chapter More than 30 engaging new case studies Challenging new discussion questions New sections on project management, emergency preparedness, patient and staff safety, infection control, employee stress, hazardous materials, ""sharps"" injuries, workplace violence, and waste management Fully updated glossary of abbreviations Downloadable instructor support materials for every chapter!


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