Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds 5th Edition 9780691070162
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: George W. Hudler, Princeton University Press
Book Name: Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds
Subject Name: Science

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Oh to be young and eligible to enroll in Professor George Hudler's "Plant Pathology 101" class at Cornell! For those of us who aren't this book is the next best thing--a hugely entertaining introduction to spore lore. Not only does he bring us up to speed on the fungus science he relates the amazing impact of his branch of science on human history. The Eleusinian Mysteries that so inspired Plato and Sophocles were probably caused by ergot which Tim Leary and the CIA put to scarier use in its refined form LSD. Other fungal products are more upbeat: penicillin (Hudler tells a good story about British scientists who put its spores on their clothes in 1940 to preserve their research in case Germany invaded) cyclosporins which permit such organ recipients as David Crosby not to reject their healthy new livers and Beano a derivative of alpha-d-galactosidase that suppresses flatulence in humans. Want to commit the perfect murder? Try aflatoxin as a Graham Greene character does in The Human Factor. Do you dare to recreate the hallucinations of the Salem witches? Ergot's just the thing as characters discover to their misfortune in Robin Cook's thriller Acceptable Risk. Hudler packs plenty of intriguing stories into a brief readable book: exploding artillery fungus spores spread by earthquakes that can cause anorexia a 35-acre spread of 1500-year-old identical mushrooms in Michigan that may be the oldest biggest living thing on Earth. No question about it--Dr. Hudler is one fun guy. --Tim AppeloMushrooms magically spew forth from the earth in the hours that follow a summer rain. Fuzzy brown molds mischievously turn forgotten peaches to slime in the kitchen fruit bowl. And in thousands of other ways members of the kingdom Fungi do their part to make life on Earth the miracle that it is. In this lively book George Hudler leads us on a tour of an often-overlooked group of organisms which differ radically from both animals and plants. Along the way the authorRead more


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