Lippincott Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Head & Neck  9781609130275
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Author: Pansky, Ben Gest, Thomas R.
Book Name: Lippincott Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Head & Neck
Subject Name: Science

Lippincott Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Head & Neck Solutions

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Lippincott CONCISE ILLUSTRATED ANATOMY series presents human gross anatomy in an efficient easy-to-use format by combining core need-to-know content with detailed atlas-style illustrations. This volume focuses on anatomical structures and functions of the head and neck and includes clinical considerations concerning these important regions. With artwork adopted from the Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Atlas of Anatomy as well as new illustrations understanding the functional and clinical relevance of anatomy has never been more at hand!Features and benefits . . .- Outline format balances concise text with comprehensive detailed artwork for quick and efficient comprehension- Hundreds of full-color atlas-style illustrations are carefully placed in close relation to relevant text for easy reference- Logical regional sequence reveals continuity among anatomical structures and componentschapters progress inward from superficial layers of the body to deep structures- Clinical Considerations highlight much sought-after clinically relevant information- Detailed tables are distributed at key points throughout chapters- Special functional summaries of cranial nerves arteries of the head and neck and autonomic innervationLippincott CONCISE ILLUSTRATED ANATOMY series is a perfect resource for students as well as those seeking a specialty reference for clerkship and beyond.Other titles in this series:Lippincott Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Back Upper Limb Lower LimbLippincott Concise Illustrated Anatomy: Thorax Abdomen & PelvisRead more


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