Life Span Development: A Topical Approach 2nd Edition 9780205951031
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Robert S. Feldman Ph.D.
Book Name: Life Span Development: A Topical Approach
Subject Name: Social-science

Life Span Development: A Topical Approach 2nd Edition Solutions

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Current Research and Real World Application.�Updated in its second edition Life Span Development: A Topical Approach�maintains the student friendliness that has been the hallmark of Feldman�s development texts. Rich in examples it illustrates the applications that can be derived from the research and theory of lifespan developmentalists. The text takes a modular approach providing both readers and instructors with maximum flexibility.�MyPsychLab is an integral part of the Feldman program. Key learning applications include MyDevelopmentLab video series MyVirtualLife and MyVirtualChild.�Teaching & Learning ExperiencePersonalize Learning � MyPsychLab is an online homework tutorial and assessment program. It helps students prepare for class and instructor gauge individual and class performance.Improve Critical Thinking�� �Review and Apply��sections consist of short recaps of the chapters� main points followed by questions designed to provoke critical thinking.�Engage Students�� At the beginning of each chapter are Chapter Opening Prologues a short vignette describing an individual or situation that is relevant to the basic developmental issues being addressed in the chapter.�Explore Research � �From Research to Practice� boxes describe current developmental research or research issues applied to everyday problems.Support Instructors�� All supplements were developed around the textbook�s carefully constructed learning objectives.�Note:� MyDevelopmentLab does not come automatically packaged with this text. To purchase MyDevelopmentLab please visit:� or you can purchase a ValuePack of the text + NEW MyDevelopmentLab (at no additional cost):� ValuePack ISBN-10: 0205946461 / ValuePack ISBN-13: 9780205946464.Read more


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