Product Edition:4th Edition
Author: Geri Miller
Book Name: Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling
Subject Name: Social Science

Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling 4th Edition Solutions

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Learning the Language of Addiction Counseling, Fourth Edition introduces counselors, social workers, and students to the field of addiction counseling and helps them acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to counsel individuals who are caught in the destructive cycle of addiction._x000D_ _x000D_ Drawing from her years of experience working in the addiction-counseling field, Geri Miller provides an engaging, balanced overview of the major theoretical foundations and clinical best practices in the field._x000D_ _x000D_ Fully updated, the Fourth Edition offers a positive, practice-oriented counseling framework and features:_x000D_ _x000D_ A research-based, clinical application approach to addiction counseling that practitioners can turn to for fundamental, practical, clinical guidelines_x000D_ Revised chapters that reflect important changes in research and practice, including new DSMTM-5 criteria, new assessment instruments, and new and expanded treatments_x000D_ Case studies, interactive exercises, end-of-chapter questions, and other resources that facilitate the integration of knowledge into practice_x000D_ “Personal Reflections” sections at the beginning of each chapter provide an invaluable, unique perspective on the author’s evolving views of addiction counseling_x000D_ Updated and expanded online Instructor’s Manual that includes brief video clips, PowerPoint® slides, test bank questions for each chapter, and sample syllabi_x000D_ From assessment and diagnosis of addiction to preparing for certification and licensure as an addiction professional, this comprehensive book covers all of the essentials.


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