Jonas & Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States
Product Edition:11th Edition
Author: James R. Knickman
Book Name: Jonas & Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States
Subject Name: Science

Jonas & Kovner's Health Care Delivery in the United States 11th Edition Solutions

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This fully updated and revised 11th edition of a highly esteemed survey and analysis of health care delivery in the U.S. keeps pace with the rapid changes that are reshaping our system. Fundamentally this new edition presents the realities that impact our nation's achievement of the so-called Triple Aim: better health and better care at a lower cost. It addresses challenges and responses to the Accountable Care Act the implementation of Obamacare and many new models of care designed to replace outmoded systems. Contributions by leading scholars practitioners and educators within population health and medical care present the most up-to-date evidence-based information on health disparities vulnerable populations and immigrant healthnursing workforce challengesnew information technologypreventative medicineemerging approaches to control health care costs and much more.Designed for graduate and advanced undergraduate students of health care management and administration and public health the text addresses all of the complex core issues surrounding our health care system in a strikingly readable and accessible format. Contributors provide an in-depth and objective appraisal of why and how we organize health care the way we do the enormous impact of health-related behaviours on the structure function and cost of the health care delivery system and other emerging and recurrent issues in health policy health care management and public health.The 11th edition features the writings of such luminaries as Michael Gusmanno Carolyn Clancy Joanne Spetz Nirav Shah Sherry Glied Michael Sparer and Christy LeMak among others. Chapters include key words learning objectives and competencies discussion questions case studies and additional resources. Included for instructors is a Manual Power Point Slides Syllabus Test Bank Image Bank Supplemental e-chapter on the ACA and a transition guide bridging the 10th and 11th editions.New to the Eleventh Edition:Comprehensive coverage of the ACA and its impact on each aspect of the U.S. health care system woven throughout the bookThe implementation of ObamacareCombines acute and chronic care into organizations of medical careNursing workforce challengesHealth disparities vulnerable populations and immigrant healthNew models of care including ACOs Patient Homes Health Exchanges and Integrated Health SystemsStrategies to achieve the Triple Aim (better health and better care at lower cost)Emerging societal efforts toward creating healthy environments and illness preventionIncreasing incentives for efficiency and better quality of careMultiple new charts and tables with concrete health care dataExpanded discussion of information technologyA new five-year trend forecastSupplementary e-chapter with ACA updatesRead more


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