Introductory Chemistry Essentials 3rd Edition 9780136019916
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Nivaldo J. Tro
Book Name: Introductory Chemistry Essentials
Subject Name: Science

Introductory Chemistry Essentials 3rd Edition Solutions

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Introductory Chemistry Essentials Third Edition is designed for a one-semester introductory or preparatory chemistry course. Students taking this course need to develop problem-solving skills�but they also must see why these skills are important to them and to their world. Introductory Chemistry Essentials�extends chemistry from the laboratory to the student�s world. It motivates students to learn chemistry by demonstrating how it plays out in their daily lives.�The third edition continues to employ Tro�s proven pedagogical features: the Solution Map provides a visual approach showing students how to think through a problem and formulate a solution strategythe unique Three-Column Problem-Solving Procedures describe a problem-solving procedure while demonstrating how it is applied to two different examples. In addition the Conceptual Checkpoint features now include questions that prompt students to visualize the molecular world around them.�Introductory Chemistry Essentials Third Edition can be packaged with MasteringChemistry� the most advanced chemistry homework and tutorial system available. This online homework and tutoring system utilizes the Socratic Method to coach students through problem-solving techniques offering hints and simpler questions on request. It tutors students individually with feedback specific to their errors. MasteringChemistry� helps students learn not just practice.��Read more


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