Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics 2009th Edition 9780387877495
Product Edition:2009th Edition
Author: Mark H. Holmes
Book Name: Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics
Subject Name: Maths

Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics 2009th Edition Solutions

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FOAM. This acronym has been used for over ?fty years at Rensselaer to designate an upper-division course entitled Foundations of Applied Ma- ematics. This course was started by George Handelman in 1956 when he came to Rensselaer from the Carnegie Institute of Technology. His objective was to closely integrate mathematical and physical reasoning and in the p- cess enable students to obtain a qualitative understanding of the world we live in. FOAM was soon taken over by a young faculty member Lee Segel. About this time a similar course Introduction to Applied Mathematics was introduced by Chia-Ch�iao Lin at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Together Lin and Segel with help from Handelman produced one of the landmark textbooks in applied mathematics Mathematics Applied to - terministic Problems in the Natural Sciences. This was originally published in 1974 and republished in 1988 by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in their Classics Series. This textbook comes from the author teaching FOAM over the last few years. In this sense it is an updated version of the Lin and Segel textbook.Read more


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