Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions 1st Edition 9781920994525
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Lisa McKenna, Lynette Stockhausen
Book Name: Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions
Subject Name: Science

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions 1st Edition Solutions

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Health professional roles are becoming progressively more demanding and complex. Within a context of increasing complexity of client care needs health professionals are often required to play a greater role in teaching students often concurrently with managing client care responsibilities. There are few practical handy resources available to assist professionals in carrying out such educational roles.Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Health Professions is designed to support health professionals particularly those new to educational roles in their teaching and in developing their expertise. It provides an invaluable resource for a range of health professional students. Undergraduate students who are required to demonstrate their achievement of teaching-related professional competencies prior to graduation and postgraduate students who are undertaking education courses will find this text extremely beneficial.KEY FEATURESA clear accessible guide to the theoretical foundations for supporting learning applied to practical teaching contextsA focus on considerations in effective health professional education such as diversity in learning styles and student groups and complexities of teaching settingsEffective strategies for optimising learning through the teaching cycle from preparation to practice to evaluationPractical guidelines for managing real situations many applied in the clinical fieldUseful resources that can be applied directly in teachingReflective exercise that encourage learners to consider content in relation to their own teaching and learningRead more


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