Introduction to Statistical Quality Control 6th Edition 9780470169926
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: Douglas C Montgomery
Book Name: Introduction to Statistical Quality Control
Subject Name: Maths

Introduction to Statistical Quality Control 6th Edition Solutions

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Quality control becomes an important aspect of not only engineering but areas that require production and manufacturing as well. It has become integral part of businesses and using the statistical methods to eliminate the wastage during processing has become one of the important practices to look out for in order to ensure utilization of full potential of production units.Introduction to Statistical Quality Control is a comprehensive guide to understand the components of statistical control and discusses basics of statistical methods for quality control. Douglas C Montgomery picks up areas of importance and comprehensively discusses their usage and applications. This book is an all-round guide to understanding statistical quality control and also gives an insight into all the major processes involved. The author has tried to incorporate all the important aspects while emphasising on engineering and management industries. Introduction to Statistical Quality Control also includes a wide range of statistical techniques which can be used in a variety of situations both product and non�product based industries.Introduction to Statistical Quality Control is divided into multiple chapters with the very first chapter focusing on importance of quality control in modern business environment. It gives the definitions of terms like quality and quality improvement and also comes with illustrations explaining the correlation of various factors. The chapters include the Dmaic (Define Measure Analyse Improve and Control) Process Modelling Process Quality Inferences About Process Quality Process and Measurement System Capability Analysis and many other concepts. The parts are all explained in great detail and teach to apply state�of�the�art techniques for monitoring and controlling statistical processes. Douglas C Montgomery has packed a lot into this book which is filled with appendices tables and charts to calculate the effective ways in which statistics can be used as a process quality tool and also ensures that the language used is simple and easily understandable. There are design experiments ways to conduct quality improvement projects analysis and numerous examples charts and diagrams to enhance the information provided.Introduction to Statistical Quality Control sixth edition was published by John Wiley and Sons in 2008 and is available in hardcover format.Key Features:Point-wise and comprehensive material beneficial to understand the basic concept of statistical quality control.A perfect book to understand the basics of the system of quality and statistical control.Read more


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