Introduction to Sociology 2nd Edition 9781483302942
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: George Ritzer
Book Name: Introduction to Sociology
Subject Name: Social-science

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While providing a rock-solid foundation on all the basic topics and concepts in sociology George Ritzer focuses on three of today�s most compelling sociological phenomena: globalization consumption and the Internet. A fourth focus throughout the book is one of Ritzer�s signature interests the McDonaldization of Society�(the process by which social organizations and institutions adopt the rational efficient means-to-an-end principles of a fast food restaurant). Key features include:Globalization features and international case studies throughout expose students the realities of their changing world.Consumer Culture and its increasing preeminence in the world is discussed throughout.Living Digital features allow students to take an objective look at the Internet and its profound effect on individuals and society.Public Sociology exhibits in every chapter demonstrate that sociology is more than an academic discipline.Biographical �Bits� in every chapter introduce students to influential sociologists (some in their own words!).An Interactive eBook version of the text is available for students in online and traditional courses who prefer a more contemporary multimedia-integrated presentation for learning. In addition to a full electronic textbook they can link directly from the "page" to video audio additional enrichment readings glossary terms and other relevant resources bringing sociology to life in a way that a traditional print text can't.Read more


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