Introduction to Health Policy 1st Edition 9781567935806
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Leiyu Shi
Book Name: Introduction to Health Policy
Subject Name: Science

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With the evolution of healthcare policies and their subsequent integration into healthcare systems this book will introduce your students to health policy making critical health policy issues health policy research/evaluation methods and international perspectives on health policy. Shi takes a unique perspective by integrating all these topics into this a one-of-a-kind book. Real-world cases and examples reinforce the theories and concepts throughout the book and address all healthcare settings including public health managed care ambulatory care extended care and the hospital setting.Introduction to Health Policy provides an overview of:Dominant frameworks of health determinants and health policy formulation Major types of health policies including special populations such as racial/ethnic minorities those with low-income the elderly women & children people with HIV/AIDS the mentally ill and the homeless Health policy issues related to financing and delivery in the U.S. and abroad The importance of an international perspective in both developed and developing countries Processes and context for federal state and local health policymaking Health policy research methods so that students can learn to study and analyze policy issuesInstructor resources will include a test bank answers to discussion questions and PowerPoint slides.Read more


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