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Author: Chwan-Hwa (John) Wu
Book Name: Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity
Subject Name: Engineering

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If a network is not secure, how valuable is it? Introduction to Computer Networks andCybersecurity takes an integrated approach to networkingand cybersecurity, highlighting the interconnections so that youquickly understand the complex design issues in modern networks.This full-color book uses a wealth of examples and illustrations toeffectively connect the principles of networks and networkingprotocols with the relevant cybersecurity issues. Get the Fundamentals of Internet Architecture and the Protocol Layers Organized into six parts, the book walks you through thefundamentals, starting with the way most people first encountercomputer networks?through the Internet architecture. Part 1 coversthe most important Internet applications and the methods used todevelop them. Part 2 discusses the network edge, consisting ofhosts, access networks, LANs, and the physical media used with thephysical and link layers. Part 3 explores the network core,including packet/circuit switches, routers, and the Internetbackbone, and Part 4 examines reliable transport and the managementof network congestion. Learn about Malware and Security Systems Building on the concepts and principles, the book then delvesinto state-of-the-art cybersecurity mechanisms in Part 5. Itreviews the types of malware and the various security systems, madeup of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other components.Crucially, it provides a seamless view of an informationinfrastructure in which security capabilities are built in ratherthan treated as an add-on feature. The book closes with a look atemerging technologies, including virtualization and data center andcloud computing unified communication. Understand Cyber Attacks?and What You Can Do to Defend against Them This comprehensive text supplies a carefully designedintroduction to both the fundamentals of networks and the latestadvances in Internet security. Addressing cybersecurity from anInternet perspective.


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