Product Edition:12th Edition
Author: Donald E. Kieso
Book Name: Intermediate Accounting
Subject Name: Business

Intermediate Accounting 12th Edition Solutions

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The Gateway to the Profession 99 per cent of surveyed practicing accountants feel that Kieso, Weygandt, and Warfield's "Intermediate Accounting" helped prepare them for success in professional practice. 100 per cent would recommend the text to someone currently studying for an accounting degree. 80 per cent said they referred to their copy when they first entered professional practice. Professionals who learned accounting from "Intermediate Accounting" find themselves well prepared to enter the workplace. So well prepared in fact, that many keep their copy of the text to refer to again and again. Why is this text so essential for professional success? Currency: this 12th edition of "Intermediate Accounting" reflects the state of the art in accounting today. The text is kept current with the "Intermediate Accounting Newsletter", a periodical for users of the text that spotlights the very latest developments and their implications. Real world examples and illustrations as well as numerous examples from real corporations help you understand exactly how professionals apply accounting principles and techniques. International Insight notes compare accounting practices in other countries. This 12th edition features professional simulation problems, modeled on the new computerized exam. In addition, new accounting research exercises help you practice using the Financial Accounting Research Database System (FARS). It has comprehensive and clear explanations of concepts. The authors clear writing style and logical organization help you understand the material. Make Kieso your gateway to the profession!


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