Health and Wellness 12th Edition 9781284067293
Product Edition:12th Edition
Author: Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
Book Name: Health and Wellness
Subject Name: Science

Health and Wellness 12th Edition Solutions

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Each new print copy includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access that unlocks a comprehensive and interactive eBook student practice activities and assessments a full suite of instructor resources and learning analytics reporting tools. Health & Wellness Twelfth Edition covers many facets of personal health including physical emotional mental social environmental and spritual perspectives. Written in a personal and engaging style the Twelfth Edition encourages students to make the right health choices and gives them the tools and information they need to improve their health habits. - Updated Health in Review sections at the end of each chapter highlight key points and emphasize the essential health message in each chapter. - New coverage of the Afforable Care Act (ACA) in chapter one and a more detailed discussion in Chapter 19. - Includes expanded coverage of the predicted health effects of climate change. - Provides an expanded discussion of spirituality and health. - New coverage on: e-cigarettes changes in marijuana laws and the right to marriage for gay couples. - New Self-Evaluation Exercises added to the end of each chapter ask students to look their own health and fitness lifestyle. With Navigate 2 technology and content combine to expand the reach of your classroom. Whether you teach an online hybrid or traditional classroom-based course Navigate 2 delivers unbeatable value. Experience Navigate 2 today at more


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