Global Sociology 3rd Edition 9781479800766
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Robin Cohen, Paul Kennedy, Maud Perrier
Book Name: Global Sociology
Subject Name: Social-science

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This new edition is an outstanding update of what I believe to be the best textbook for introducing undergraduates to global sociology. With a rich array of new examples clear definitions of concepts and crisp theoretical summaries it offers students a vision for participating as engaged citizens in a diverse interdependent and sustainable world.- Paul Lubeck University of California Santa Cruz "Just think for a moment of the 'global events' that are changing the world: 9/11 the financial crisis climate change Fukushima the Arab Spring. They all came by total surprise which means they are beyond our normal sociological categories and global in their scope and implications. That's the reason why students and professors of sociology more than ever need the information in and inspiration from Global Sociology." -Ulrich Beck University of Munich The first pioneering editions of Global Sociology put global issues at the heart of sociological discussion. Much has changed in the world since thenrecessions revolutions social media and new migration networks have developed as causes and symptoms of an increasingly global society. This new edition is fully updated to explore just how these global issues can help us to understand sociology in our world today. Making clear connections between everyday experiences and global processes at each step the third edition carefully guides readers through essential and cutting-edge topics in the discipline from family and feminism to environment and economy. Features such as biography boxes on key thinkers in the field a thorough glossary and review questions introduce and reinforce the book's core ideas. With clear writing and infectious enthusiasm for its topic Global Sociology remains the authority on global issues in sociology for students at a variety of skill levels.Read more


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