Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs 1st Edition 9780609807071
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: John Bowe, Marisa Bowe, Sabin Streeter
Book Name: Gig: Americans Talk about Their Jobs
Subject Name: Social-science

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�An engaging humorous revealing and refreshingly human look at the bizarre life-threatening and delightfully humdrum exploits of everyone from sports heroes to sex workers.�-- Douglas Rushkoff author of Coercion Ecstasy Club and Media VirusThis wide-ranging survey of the American economy at the turn of the millennium is stunning surprising and always entertaining. It gives us an unflinching view of the fabric of this country from the point of view of the people who keep it all moving. The more than 120 roughly textured monologues that make up Gig beautifully capture the voices of our fast-paced and diverse economy. The selections demonstrate how much our world has changed--and stayed the same--in the three decades prior to the turn of the millennium. If you think things have speeded up become more complicated and more technological you're right.But people's attitudes about their jobs their hopes and goals and disappointments endure. Gig's soul isn't sociological--it's emotional. The wholehearted diligence that people bring to their work is deeply inexplicably moving. People speak in these pages of the constant and complex stresses nearly all of them confront on the job but nearly universally they throw themselves without reservation into coping with them. Instead of resisting work we seem to adapt to it. Some of us love our jobs some of us don't but almost all of us are not quite sure what we would do without one.With all the hallmarks of another classic on this subject Gig is a fabulous read filled with indelible voices from coast to coast. After hearing them you'll never again feel quite the same about how we work.Read more


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