Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications 2nd Edition 9780470860755
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Timothy J. Ross
Book Name: Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications
Subject Name: Engineering

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications 2nd Edition Solutions

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Fuzzy logic refers to a large subject dealing with a set of methods to characterize and quantify uncertainty in engineering systems that arise from ambiguity imprecision fuzziness and lack of knowledge. Fuzzy logic is a reasoning system based on a foundation of fuzzy set theory itself an extension of classical set theory where set membership can be partial as opposed to all or none as in the binary features of classical logic. Fuzzy logic is a relatively new discipline in which major advances have been made over the last decade or so with regard to theory and applications. Following on from the successful first edition this fully updated new edition is therefore very timely and much anticipated. Concentration on the topics of fuzzy logic combined with an abundance of worked examples chapter problems and commercial case studies is designed to help motivate a mainstream engineering audience and the book is further strengthened by the inclusion of an online solutions manual as well as dedicated software codes. Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in most engineering disciplines academics and practicing engineers plus some working in economics control theory operational research etc will all find this a valuable addition to their bookshelves.Read more


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