Fundamentals Of Abnormal Psychology 9th Edition 9781319126698
Product Edition:9th Edition
Author: COMER, Ronald J.
Book Name: Fundamentals Of Abnormal Psychology
Subject Name: Social-science

Fundamentals Of Abnormal Psychology 9th Edition Solutions

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An award-winning teacher accomplished researcher and experienced therapist Ron Comer knows how to communicate the complexities of abnormal psychology� speak to the concerns of students and empathically portray the real human impact of psychological disorders. For the 9th edition of this market leading textbook Ron is joined by Jonathan Comer who brings his expertise in developmental psychopathology research brain circuitry cognitive-behavioral research and technology-driven treatment -- all of which pervade the new edition of this successful abnormal psychology textbook.With its signature integrated coverage of theory diagnosis and treatment and inclusive cross-cultural perspective this new edition of Comer's widely adopted textbook shows students where the study and treatment of psychological disorders stand today. In addition to a thorough updating the new edition integrates the developmental psychopathology perspective to� integrate the explanations and treatments for psychological disorders offered by the various modelsupdates coverage of biological models to include new research on brain circuitsand combines behavioral and cognitive explanations and treatments for psychological disorders into a coherent and nuanced cognitive-behavioral model.� Comer/Comer's Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 9e employs some extraordinary interactive tools to bring students face to face with the realities of psychological dysfunction organized for easy access and assignability in LaunchPad Worth Publishers' online course space.Read more


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