Food Safety 2nd Edition 9781119133681
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Shaw, Ian C.
Book Name: Food Safety
Subject Name: Science

Food Safety 2nd Edition Solutions

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Food safety is a multi-faceted subject using microbiology chemistry standards and regulations and risk management to address issues involving bacterial pathogens chemical contaminants natural toxicants additive safety allergens and more.This revised edition has been updated with the latest information on food safety. It addresses all the topics pertinent to a full understanding of keeping the food we eat safe. Each chapter of Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe Second Edition proceeds from introductory concepts and builds towards a sophisticated treatment of the topic allowing the reader to take what knowledge is required for understanding food safety at a wide range of levels. Illustrated with photographs and examples throughout this new edition also boasts 4 new chapters covering radioactivity in foodfood terrorismfood authenticityand food supplements.��This second edition has been revised and updated throughout to include the latest topics in this fast-moving field��Includes 4 brand new chapters on radioactivity in food food terrorism food authenticity and food supplements��The most readable and user-friendly food safety book for students scientists regulators and general readersFood Safety is the ideal starting point for students and non-specialists seeking to learn about food safety issues and an enjoyable and stylish read for those who already have an academic or professional background in the area.Read more


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