Food and Beverage Management 6th Edition 9781138679313
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: Bernard Davis, Andrew Lockwood, Peter Alcott, Ioannis S. Pantelidis
Book Name: Food and Beverage Management
Subject Name: Business

Food and Beverage Management 6th Edition Solutions

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This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage outlets from their day-to-day running through to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. It explores the broad range of subject areas that encompass the food and beverage market and its main sectors � fast food and casual dining hotels and quality restaurants and event industrial and welfare catering. It also looks at some of the important trends affecting the food and beverage industry covering consumers the environment and ethical concerns as well as developments in technology.New to this edition:New chapter: Classifying food and drink service operations.New international case studies throughout covering the latest industry developments within a wide range of businesses.Enhanced coverage of financial aspects including forecasting and menu pricing with respective examples of costings.New coverage of contemporary trends including events management use of technology use of social media in marketing customer management and environmental concerns such as sourcing sustainability and waste management.Updated companion website including new case studies PowerPoint slides multiple choice questions revision notes true or false questions short answer questions and new video and web links per chapter.It is illustrated in full colour and contains in-chapter activities as well as end-of-chapter summaries and revision questions to test the readers' knowledge as they progress. Written by a team of authors with many years of industry practice and teaching experience this book is the ideal guide to the subject for hospitality students and industry practitioners alike.Read more


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