Fluid Power Circuits and Controls 1st Edition 9780849309243
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: John S. Cundiff, John S Cundiff
Book Name: Fluid Power Circuits and Controls
Subject Name: Engineering

Fluid Power Circuits and Controls 1st Edition Solutions

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Engineers not only need to understand the basics of how fluid power components work but they must also be able to design these components into systems and analyze or model fluid power systems and circuits. There has long been a need for a comprehensive text on fluid power systems written from an engineering perspective which is suitable for an undergraduate-level course in fluid power.Fluid Power Circuits and Controls: Fundamentals and Applications encourages students to think of the collection of components as a system. The author illustrates each concept with a circuit diagram and as each component is discussed immediately places it in a circuit and analyzes its performance. This approach allows students to immediately apply what they have learned and encourages them to think about how the component operating characteristics interact with the rest of the circuit.Covering all aspects of the industry this book:Develops the basic concept for power delivery with fluidsReviews basic concepts of fluid mechanics and discusses the key properties of the fluidsDiscusses the creation and control of flow and the various methods used to control pressure in a circuitProvides a detailed example of the classic problem of hydrostatic transmission designPresents characteristics of auxiliary components and applicable SAE standardsAddresses pneumatics focusing on the difference in power transmission for liquid and gasDiscusses servo valves and proportional valves without requiring a background in automatic controlsThe text is richly illustrated filled with fully worked example problems and reinforced with exercises in each chapter. Fluid Power Circuits and Controls offers valuable design experience and the background its readers need to approach real-world fluid power problems with confidence.Read more


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