Fixed Income Analysis 3rd Edition 9781118999493
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Barbara S. Petitt , Jerald E. Pinto , Wendy L. Pirie , Foreword by Bob Kopprasch
Book Name: Fixed Income Analysis
Subject Name: Business

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The essential guide to fixed income portfolio management from the experts at CFA Fixed Income Analysis is a new edition of Frank Fabozzi's Fixed Income Analysis Second Edition that provides authoritative and up-to-date coverage of how investment professionals analyze and manage fixed income portfolios. With detailed information from CFA Institute this guide contains comprehensive example-driven presentations of all essential topics in the field to provide value for self-study general reference and classroom use. Readers are first introduced to the fundamental concepts of fixed income before continuing on to analysis of risk asset-backed securities term structure analysis and a general framework for valuation that assumes no prior relevant background. The final section of the book consists of three readings that build the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage fixed income portfolios giving readers a real-world understanding of how the concepts discussed are practically applied in client-based scenarios. Part of the CFA Institute Investment series this book provides a thorough exploration of fixed income analysis clearly presented by experts in the field. Readers gain critical knowledge of underlying concepts and gain the skills they need to translate theory into practice. * Understand fixed income securities markets and valuation * Master risk analysis and general valuation of fixed income securities * Learn how fixed income securities are backed by pools of assets * Explore the relationships between bond yields of different maturities Investment analysts portfolio managers individual and institutional investors and their advisors and anyone with an interest in fixed income markets will appreciate this access to the best in professional quality information. For a deeper understanding of fixed income portfolio management practices Fixed Income Analysis is a complete essential resource.Read more


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