Essentials of World Regional Geography, 3rd Edition 3rd Edition 9780073369358
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: George White Assistant Professor, Joseph Dymond, Elizabeth Chacko, Justin Scheidt, Michael Bradshaw Emeritus
Book Name: Essentials of World Regional Geography, 3rd Edition
Subject Name: Science

Essentials of World Regional Geography, 3rd Edition 3rd Edition Solutions

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Essentials of World Regional Geography 3e gives readers an approach that combines fundamental geographical elements internal regional diversity and contemporary issues. This approach allows serious discussion of cultural and environmental issues as well as political and economic issues. White Essentials of World Regional Geography 3e encourages students to consider what it means to be part of a global community and to develop their geographical understandings of world events.Essentials of World Regional Geography has chapter openings with a physical features map of the region which includes short accounts of people or events to provide a personal flavor of the region an outline of the chapter contents and a short section placing the region in its wider global context. Each regional chapter is consistently organized by three sections. The first section summarizes the distinctive physical and human geographies of the regionthe second section explores the internal diversity of the region at subregional selected country and local levels. The third section focuses on a selection of contemporary issues that are important to the people of each region and frequently have implications for the rest of the world. Each regional chapter follows the same framework allowing students to easily make comparisons from one world region to the next.This new edition now offers a suite of digital resources including ConnectPlus LearnSmart and SmartBook!Read more


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