Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: James A. Newell
Book Name: Essentials of Modern Materials Science and Engineering
Subject Name: Engineering

Essentials of Modern Materials Science and Engineering 1st Edition Solutions

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This book begins with four fundamental tenants: The properties of a material are determined by its structure. Processing can alter that structure in specific and predictable ways;The behavior of materials is grounded in science and is understandable; The properties of all materials change over time with use and exposure to environmental conditions;When selecting a material, sufficient and appropriate testing must be performed to insure that the material will remain suitable throughout the reasonable life of the product. This text assumes that the students are at least sophomores, so that they are familiar with basic chemical bonding and the periodic table. But it is an introductory materials course, so there will be no differential equations, percolation theory, quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, or other advanced topics. The book is designed as an introduction to the field, not a comprehensive guide to all materials science knowledge. Instead of going into great detail in many areas, the book provides key concepts and fundamentals students need to understand materials science and make informed decisions. An example of the philosophy is found in the materials testing section. Although countless variations exist in testing techniques, the chapter focuses on operating principles and the property to be measured, rather than confusing the student with exposition on variations and exceptions. That material is beyond the scope of most introductory courses.


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