Essentials of Life-Span Development 3rd Edition 9780078035425
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: John Santrock
Book Name: Essentials of Life-Span Development
Subject Name: Science

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Why are you assigning or considering a brief Human Development text? Is it because your students do not complete the reading in a comprehensive text? Do you run out of time trying to cover the entire lifespan over the course of a few months? Do your students struggle to retain the sheer volume of information in the course? Instructors across the country looking for a streamlined text that captures the core concepts of life-span development are excited for John Santrock's Essentials of Life-Span Development 3e.Essentials of Life-Span Development 3e was developed to help meet the ever-changing needs of students in the lifespan course. Knowing that students do not often read the text and have poor study skills Essentials introduces LearnSmart McGraw-Hill's adaptive study tool that helps students know what they know and more importantly what they don�t know to become more efficient and effective learners.Based on hallmark features: its expert contributors updated research and focus on applications Santrock provides the most dependable and current presentation of life-span development available and he does so in a briefer format with LearnSmart helping to ensure that your students will read and appreciate the material while seeing the applications to their everyday life. McGraw-Hill's new Milestones video and assessment program helps bring the course material to life so your students can witness development as it unfolds.Read more


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