Essentials Of Environmental Health 2nd Edition 9780763778903
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Robert H. Friis
Book Name: Essentials Of Environmental Health
Subject Name: Science

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Given the success and positive reviews of the first edition Friis has kept in tact the features that work well. The author has instead focused on completing a thorough update of tables figures and data. Major updates: * New chapter (Chapter 14) on injuries * All Web-based sources updated throughout to include the most recent information * Expanded discussion of the history of environmental health e.g. contributions of John Snow Lemuel Shattuck and Walter Reed * New case study on pandemic influenza (H1N1) 2009 * Coverage of recent environmental controversies such as use of bisphenol A in plastics This best-selling offering from the APHA/Jones & Bartlett Learning Essential Public Health series is a clear and comprehensive study of the major topics of environmental health including: * Background of the field and "tools of the trade" (environmental epidemiology environmental toxicology and environmental policy and regulation). * Environmental diseases (microbial agents ionizing and non-ionizing radiation). * Applications and domains of environmental health (water and air quality food safety waste disposal and occupational health). With a straightforward non-technical approach the author has included many examples and illustrations of environmental health issues. Perfect for the beginning student as well as the experienced health professional each chapter concludes with study questions and exercises to engage the reader in further study. Looking for more real-life evidence? Check out Cases 7 13 14 & 16 in Essential Case Studies in Public Health Putting Public Health into Practice.Read more


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