Engineering Your Future: A Brief Introduction to Engineering 5th Edition 9780199348053
Product Edition:5th Edition
Author: William Oakes, Les Leone
Book Name: Engineering Your Future: A Brief Introduction to Engineering
Subject Name: Engineering

Engineering Your Future: A Brief Introduction to Engineering 5th Edition Solutions

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Engineering Your Future is an authoritative guide to the academic expectations and professional opportunities in engineering a field that is both academically rigorous and creatively demanding. Today's engineering students are faced with endless career opportunities. This text clarifies those options and directs students down the path to a rewarding career in the engineering field.Engineering Your Future: A Brief Introduction to Engineering Fifth Edition is a concise and inexpensive version ofEngineering Your Future: A Comprehensive Introduction to Engineering Eighth Edition. Containing the eleven most popular chapters from its parent text this brief version offers the best option for instructors looking for a solid base from which to work while they incorporate outside projects or assignments.A companion website for the book containing PowerPoint-based lecture notes and images from the book for professors is available online at Features* Introduces students to the broad spectrum of engineering disciplines with up-to-date data on degrees granted employment opportunities and salaries* Highlights the ethical responsibilities of engineers* Focuses on developing problem-solving and communication skills that are critical to success both in the classroom and in the working world* Introduces a design methodology that can be used immediately and in subsequent design courses* Provides a handy review of units and conversions mathematics and engineering fundamentalsNew to this Edition* A new Appendix A features "Nine Excel Skills Every Engineering Student Should Know"* Chapter 9 on technical communication skills has been completely revised and updated* Updated statistics for the job market provide critical data to help inform students' career decisionsRead more


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