Engineering Economy 7th Edition 9780073376301
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Leland Blank
Book Name: Engineering Economy
Subject Name: Engineering

Engineering Economy 7th Edition Solutions

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Engineering Economy 7th edition presents a crisp bold new design using color highlighting and icons to focus on important concepts terms equations and decision guidelines. There are new features new topics (such as ethics and staged decision making) and new online toolsyet no compromise on coverage examples or the well-accepted writing style of this popular text. The preface provides an overview of What�s New and graphically depicts resources for Instructors and Students. Solved examples problems and case studies target many of the current engineering challenges in areas such as energy ethics the environment and the world�s changing economics. Approximately eighty percent of the end-of-chapter problems are revised or new for this edition.Some of the outstanding pedagogical characteristics of this new edition include its easy-to-read writing style learning outcomes for each section progressive examples used throughout a chapter solved examples using manual and integrated spreadsheet solutions updated case studies Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam questions for each chapter and numerous new end-of-chapter exercises.A significant new feature is the availability of brief downloadable online presentations (podcasts) that incorporate voice-over animated Power Point slides. These are available on the text�s website for students and instructors to utilize as support tools in or outside the classroom. Each module includes descriptive material and worked examples that supplement course material.Read more


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