Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia  9781316622995
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Author: Louise Floyd, William M. Steenson, Amanda Coulthard, Daniel Williams, Anne C. Pickering
Book Name: Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia
Subject Name: Law

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Employment Labour and Industrial Law in Australia provides a comprehensive current and accessible resource for the undergraduate and Juris Doctor student. With a social and political background to the law this text provides insightful legal analysis underscored by practical business experience while exploring key principles through a close evaluation of laws and lively discussion of prominent cases. Recognising the multi-faceted nature of the subject the authors have included content on employment labour and industrial law in the one text while also presenting critical topics not often dealt with namely: � current and in-depth analysis of trade union regulation � public work including the public sector the judiciary and academics � workplace health and safety including worker's compensation bullying anti-discrimination and taxation � emerging issues including topics such as transnational and international employment law migration and employment as well as volunteers and work experience. To maintain currency within this rapidly changing area of law the text has a website which will include updates for any major developments in the field as well as responses to end-of-chapter questions. Written by respected academics and practicing lawyers in the field this book is a relevant and contemporary guide to this fascinating area of law.Read more


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