Electronic Devices (Electron Flow Version) 9th Edition 9780132549851
Product Edition:9th Edition
Author: Thomas L. Floyd
Book Name: Electronic Devices (Electron Flow Version)
Subject Name: Engineering

Electronic Devices (Electron Flow Version) 9th Edition Solutions

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From the Publisher From discrete components to linear integrated circuits to programmable analog devices this popular up-to-date devices book takes a strong systems approach that identifies the circuits and components within a system and helps learners see how the circuit relates to the overall system function. Floyd is well known for straightforward understandable explanations of complex concepts as well as for non-technical on-target treatment of mathematics. Coverage is carefully balanced between discrete and integrated circuits while extensive use of examples and graphical illustrations makes even complex concepts understandable. In-depth discussions involve programmable analog devices advanced integrated circuits optical topics and enhanced system applications. Also included� strong coverage of troubleshootinghundreds of full-color photographs illustrations and system schematicsover 160 worked examples1400 exercisesand extensive problems using Multisim circuit simulation. For electronic engineers. Features - Electronic Devices (Electron Flow Version) Table of Contents Table of Contents CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION TO ELECTRONICS CHAPTER 2: DIODES AND APPLICATIONS CHAPTER 3: SPECIAL-PURPOSE DIODES CHAPTER 4: BIPOLAR JUNCTION TRANSISTORS CHAPTER 5: TRANSISTOR BIAS CIRCUITS CHAPTER 6: BJT AMPLIFIERS CHAPTER 7: POWER AMPLIFIERS CHAPTER 8: FIELD-EFFECT TRANSISTORS (FETS) CHAPTER 9: FET AMPLIFIERS AND SWITCHING CIRCUITS CHAPTER 10: AMPLIFIER FREQUENCY RESPONSE CHAPTER 11: THYRISTORS CHAPTER 12: THE OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER CHAPTER 13: BASIC OP-AMP CIRCUITS CHAPTER 14: SPECIAL-PURPOSE OP-AMP CIRCUITS CHAPTER 15: ACTIVE FILTERS CHAPTER 16: OSCILLATORS CHAPTER 17: VOLTAGE REGULATORS CHAPTER 18: BASIC PROGRAMMING CONCEPTS FOR AUTOMATED TESTING ONLINE CHAPTER 19: COMMUNICATIONS APPENDICES All Marketplace (--) New (--) Used (--) CLOSE X LOARead more


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