Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement  9780190308452
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Author: Hyde, Mervyn Carpenter, Lorelei Dole, Shelley
Book Name: Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement
Subject Name: Law

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Diversity Inclusion and Engagement presents a clear socially oriented approach to understanding and developing inclusion in education. It focuses on encouraging pre-service teachers to develop strategies to engage students of all backgrounds needs and abilities in a diverse classroom. It conveys positive dimensions to promoting the implementation of inclusive education policy in practice while at the same time focusing on those areas that we know are currently providing challenges for many teachers in engaging students in inclusive learning environments.This third edition responds to constant change in schools the national curriculum implementation national and international developments and heightened expectations of teachers by the public and employers. It includes some new chapters notably one examining the needs of students facing challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. In addition there is greater focus within most chapters on key issues including early intervention the use of technology and assessment practices. There are also some new headings to help the instructors and students focus on classroom practice and facilitate individual and group learning.With extensive learning features that blend theoretical issues and context with practical skills Diversity Inclusion and Engagement provides pre-service teachers with the knowledge and understanding to manage classroom challenges and develop inclusive learning environments.Read more


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