Diversity in U.S. Mass Media 2nd Edition 9781119234012
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Catherine A. Luther, Carolyn Ringer Lepre, Naeemah Clark
Book Name: Diversity in U.S. Mass Media
Subject Name: Social-science

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An updated edition of the comprehensive resource that covers the various areas associated with representations of diversity within the mass mediaThe second edition of Diversity in U.S. Mass Media presents a review of the evolution and the many issues surrounding portrayals of social groups in the mass media of the United States. Unfortunately all too often mass media depictions play a crucial role in shaping our views about individuals and social groups. Filled with instructive insights into the ways social groups are represented through the mass media Diversity in U.S. Mass Media offers a better understanding of groups and individuals different from ourselves.The revised second edition is filled with recent illustrative examples from the media. Comprehensive in scope the authors address a wide range of issues that include representations of race/ethnicity gender sexual orientation disability class and religion in films television and the press. The authors encourage readers to question what is being presented and explore the extent to which they agree with the perspectives that are described.Diversity in U.S. Mass Media is an important resource that:Offers an understanding of how various social groups are being represented in the mass mediaExplores how diverse communities inform and intersect with one anotherDraws on updated studies on the topic and presents original research and observationsIncludes new chapters on media portrayals of mixed race relationships and multiracial/multiethnic people and representations of religion and faith�Accompanied by a companion website for instructors including many useful pedagogical tools such as a test bank viewing list exercises and sample syllabiRevised and updated the second edition of Diversity in U.S. Mass Media offers a broad perspective on the myriad issues that influence how the media portrays social groups. Throughout the text the authors show consistencies as well as differences in media representations of minority groups in the United States.Read more


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