Discovering Human Sexuality, Third Edition 3rd Edition 9781605352756
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Simon LeVay, Janice Baldwin, John Baldwin
Book Name: Discovering Human Sexuality, Third Edition
Subject Name: Science

Discovering Human Sexuality, Third Edition 3rd Edition Solutions

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Discovering Human Sexuality is an evidence-based accessible introduction to the study of sexuality and the diverse ways in which it brings joys and challenges to our lives. The backgrounds of the authors-in biology sociology teaching and writing-have made possible a text that is multidisciplinary authoritative sex-positive and a delight to read. Now in its Third Edition Discovering Human Sexuality has established itself as a popular and widely praised text that respects diversity both in the sexual world and among the students who read it. The Third Edition maintains the overall presentation of its predecessors but adds coverage of recent sex-related developments in research medicine law politics and social trends. In addition the authors have included two substantial appendices: one looks at sex and sexuality from an evolutionary perspectivethe other provides additional material regarding the role of the nervous system in sexual functioning. The two appendices have been developed from sections of the authors' other text Human Sexuality. The intent is to provide options for more advanced learning while leaving the main text accessible to students with more limited backgrounds in biology. The Third Edition has many new boxes illustrations FAQs and other features as well as countless new references. What shines through is the richness of ideas about human sexuality that only an interdisciplinary collaboration can provide.Read more


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