Digital Radio Production 2nd Edition 9781577667797
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Connelly, Donald W.
Book Name: Digital Radio Production
Subject Name: Science

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Today's broadcasting students need a well-balanced hands-on and relevant guide to the radio industry. Digital Radio Production provides exactly that and more. Using a holistic approach the author shares his 20 years of experience in the field and his extensive knowledge of sales promotion programming announcing and the web and their importance to the production person. Fully updated the second edition enhances students' technical skills by providing easy-to-understand presentations regarding digital audio recording storage manipulation audio processing and special effects. Helpful tips and invaluable insights on the production person's role in a radio station and a realistic approach of how to get a first job in radio are also highlighted.Digital Radio Production focuses on new technologies and trends with chapters that introduce students to core concepts vital to a successful career in radio. Each chapter features suggested activities to involve the student outside of class industry websites for more information and a chapter-by-chapter glossary of industry terms. The text includes a demonstration and music CD that features 93 audio examples of virtually every aspect of radio production from microphone techniques to commercial production samples as well as an outstanding selection of production music and a custom studio-tracking session with suggested activities.Read more


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