Developmental Neuropsychology 2nd edtion 9781848722026
Product Edition:2nd edtion
Author: Vicki Anderson, Elisabeth Northam, Jacquie Wrennal
Book Name: Developmental Neuropsychology
Subject Name: Social-science

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This fully updated edition of Developmental Neuropsychology: A Clinical Approach addresses key issues in child neuropsychology with a unique emphasis on evidence-informed clinical practice rather than research issues. Although research findings are presented they are described with emphasis on what is relevant for assessment treatment and management of paediatric conditions. The authors focus on a number of areas. First the text examines the natural history of childhood central nervous system (CNS) insult highlighting studies where children have been followed over time to determine the impact of injury on ongoing development. Second processes of normal and abnormal cerebral and cognitive development are outlined and the concepts of brain plasticity and the impact of early CNS insult discussed. Third using a number of common childhood CNS disorders as examples the authors develop a model which describes the complex interaction among biological psychosocial and cognitive factors in the brain-injured child. Finally principles of evidence-based assessment diagnosis and intervention are discussed. The text will be of use on advanced undergraduate courses in developmental neuropsychology postgraduate clinical training programmes and for professionals working with children in clinical psychology clinical neuropsychology and educational and rehabilitation contexts. The text is also an important reference for those working in paediatric research.Read more


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