Criminology: A Sociological Understanding (7th Edition) 7th Edition 9780134548609
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Steven E Barkan
Book Name: Criminology: A Sociological Understanding (7th Edition)
Subject Name: Science

Criminology: A Sociological Understanding (7th Edition) 7th Edition Solutions

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This print textbook is available for students to rent for their classes. The Pearson print rental program provides students with affordable access to learning materials so they come to class ready to succeed.A unique sociological introduction to the field of criminology with award-winning coverage that highlights issues of race ethnicity gender and social classCriminology: A Sociological Understanding Sixth Edition provides a sociological perspective on crime and criminal justice by treating social structure and social inequality as central themes in the study of crime�and major factors in society's treatment of criminals. It pays explicit attention to key sociological concepts such as poverty gender race and ethnicity and demonstrates their influence on crime. Moving beyond simple �get tough� approaches the book emphasizes the need to understand social causes of criminal behavior in order to significantly reduce it. The Sixth Edition continues to include chapters that remain uncommon in other criminology texts and addresses two central themes in the sociological understanding of crime and criminal justice: (1) the degree to which race and ethnicity gender and social class affect the operation of the criminal justice systemand (2) the extent to which reliance on the criminal justice system can reduce the amount of crime. Throughout the text pedagogical features give students the tools to master key concepts faster and more effectively while making class preparation quick and easy for instructors.Read more


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