Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide 1st edition 9781587134326
Product Edition:1st edition
Author: Cisco Networking Academy
Book Name: Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide
Subject Name: Science

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Connecting Networks v6 Companion Guide is the official supplemental textbook for the Connecting Networks version 6 course in the Cisco Networking Academy CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum.The Companion Guide is designed as a portable desk reference to use anytime anywhere to reinforce the material from the course and organize your time.The book�s features help you focus on important concepts to succeed in this course:Chapter Objectives�Review core concepts by answering the focus questions listed at the beginning of each chapter.Key Terms�Refer to the lists of networking vocabulary introduced and highlighted in context in each chapter.Glossary�Consult the comprehensive Glossary with 347 terms.Summary of Activities and Labs�Maximize your study time with this complete list of all associated practice exercises at the end of each chapter.Check Your Understanding�Evaluate your readiness with the end-of-chapter questions that match the style of questions you see in the online course quizzes. The answer key explains each answer.�How To�Look for this icon to studythe steps you need to learn to perform certain tasks.Interactive Activities�Reinforce your understanding of topics with dozens of exercises from the online course identified throughout the book with this icon.Packet Tracer Activities�Explore and visualize networking concepts using Packet Tracer exercises interspersed throughout the chapters and provided in the accompanying Labs & Study Guide book.Videos�Watch the videos embedded within the online course.Hands-on Labs�Work through all the course labs and additional Class Activities that are included in the course and published in the separate Labs & Study Guide.�Read more


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