Conceptual Physics / MasteringPhysics (Book & Access Card) 12th Edition 9780321908605
Product Edition:12th Edition
Author: Paul G. Hewitt
Book Name: Conceptual Physics / MasteringPhysics (Book & Access Card)
Subject Name: Science

Conceptual Physics / MasteringPhysics (Book & Access Card) 12th Edition Solutions

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Key Benefit:Since defining this course 30 years ago Paul Hewitt�s best-selling book continues as the benchmark by which all others are judged. In Conceptual Physics with MasteringPhysics� Twelfth Edition Paul Hewitt integrates a compelling book and the most advanced media to make physics interesting understandable and relevant for non-science majors. The Twelfth Edition will delight readers with informative and fun Hewitt-Drew-It screencasts updated content applications and new learning activities in MasteringPhysics.�Hewitt�s book is guided by the principle of "concepts before calculations"� and is famous for engaging readers with analogies and imagery from the real-world that build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics.�This program presents a better teaching and learning experience�for you.Personalize learning with MasteringPhysics: MasteringPhysics provides readers with engaging experiences that coach them through physics with specific wrong-answer feedback hints and a huge variety of educationally effective content.Prepare for lecture: NEW! 100 Hewitt-Drew-It screencasts authoredand narrated by Paul Hewitt explain physicsconcepts through animation and narration. The exciting new Screencasts accessed through QR codes in the textbook will enable readers to engage with the physics concepts more actively outside of class.Make physics delightful: Relevant and accessible narrative analogies from real-world situations and simple representations of the underlying mathematical relationships make physics more appealing to readers.Build a strong conceptual understanding of physics: Readers gain a solid understanding of physics through practice and problem solving in the book and in MasteringPhysics.Key Topics:About Science�Newton�s First Law of Motion: Inertia Linear Motion Newton�s Second Law of Motion: Force and Acceleration Newton�s Third Law of Motion: Action and Reaction� Momentum Energy Rotational Motion Gravity Projectile and Satellite Motion Atomic Nature of Matter Solids Liquids Gases and Plasmas Temperature Heat and Expansion Heat Transfer Change of Phase Thermodynamics Vibrations and Waves Sound Musical Sounds Electrostatics Electric Current Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction Properties of Light Color Reflection and Refraction Light Waves Light Emission Light Quanta The Atom and the Quantum Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity Nuclear Fission and Fusion Special Theory of Relativity General Theory of RelativityMarket: Intended for those who want to gain a basic knowledge of Liberal Arts Physics�Read more


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