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Author: Brian Stout
Book Name: Community Justice in Australia
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'An effective interweaving of complex theory with mainstream concepts. Overall an excellent book for use in Australian universities teaching criminology/social work.' Dr Jane Bolitho Lecturer Criminology and Social Sciences UNSWThe concept of community justice - of engaging with offenders within the community - offers an important new approach to the prevention of crime and the rehabilitation of offenders. Community Justice in Australia is the first text to consider how this concept can be successfully applied within Australia by social workers criminologists parole officers police and anyone working with both adult and youth offenders.Brian Stout begins by defining community justice and outlining its successes in the United Kingdom and the United States. He then explains theories of offending behaviour considers relevant Australian legislation policy and common intervention strategies and considers the implications of community justice approaches for both adult and juvenile offenders. Restorative justice is also examined and contrasted.The book's second half details practice issues including working in community justice organisations the use of technology and the need for community justice workers to co-create long-term change with their clients. The importance of risk management and protection of the public is explored together with a comprehensive guide to practice skills and working with involuntary clients. Each chapter also contains a detailed analysis of the implications and potential benefits of a community justice approach for culturally diverse groups and Indigenous people.Read more


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