Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture: DSM-5 Update 3rd Edition 9781483345048
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Andrew M. Pomerantz
Book Name: Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture: DSM-5 Update
Subject Name: Social-science

Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice, and Culture: DSM-5 Update 3rd Edition Solutions

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'I love this book by Dr. Andrew Pomerantz.�He presents alternative perspectives on many issues and by doing so helps readers learn from the dialectic or tension between these perspectives. This text is a great foundation for students who are interested in developing their identities as clinical psychologists.' - John Sommers-Flanagan PhD University of Montana and co-author of Clinical InterviewingFeaturing fully integrated coverage of the new DSM-5 this Third Edition Update explores all subfields of clinical psychology including clinical assessment psychotherapy ethical and professional issues current controversies and specialized topics. Through the creative use of metaphor the author connects new concepts with concepts you already know enhancing your understanding of key concepts. In addition you�ll find balanced coverage of multiple clinical perspectives a wide variety of clinical examples and a unique focus on ethics and cultural diversity.NEW TO THIS DSM-5 UPDATEIntegrated coverage of disorders new to the DSM-5 some of which may apply to large numbers of previously undiagnosable people including Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder Binge Eating Disorder Mild Neurocognitive Disorder and Somatic Symptom DisorderThe latest information on adjusted DSM-5 criteria for existing disorders such as autism spectrum disorder encompassing autism and Asperger disorder revision of the bereavement exclusion criteria for major depressive episodes and more inclusive criteria for bulimia nervosa and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderCoverage of how the DSM-5 was created including steps in the revision processcontroversies that arose during the processcriticisms by prominent authors about the processforces that may have influenced the processpossible consequences of DSM-5 including continued broadening of the scope of mental illness treatment issues (e.g. insurance coverage psychotherapy drug treatment)and other implications (e.g. legal issues disability claims).A new design that brings concepts to lifeUp-to-date scholarship and references including many from DSM-5 in 2012 and 2013 are featured.�Read more


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