Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: David Shubert
Book Name: Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia
Subject Name: Science

Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthesia 3rd Edition Solutions

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Promotes ease of understanding through a unique problem-solving method and new clinical application scenarios!_x000D_ With a focus on chemistry and physics content that is directly relevant to the practice of anesthesia, this text―written in an engaging, conversational style― supplies all the scientific information required for the combined chemistry and physics course for nurse anesthesia students. Now in its third edition, the text is updated and reorganized to facilitate a greater ease and depth of understanding. The addition of a third author―a practicing nurse anesthetist―enhances the clinical relevance of the scientific information. Clinical scenarios now begin every chapter, and a concluding chapter, new to this edition, provides detailed, step-by-step solutions to the book’s review questions. Also included is a comprehensive list of need-to-know equations._x000D_ The third edition retains the many outstanding learning features from earlier editions, including a special focus on gases, the use of illustrations to demonstrate how scientific concepts relate directly to their clinical application in anesthesia, and end-of-chapter summaries and review questions to facilitate self-assessment. Fifteen online videos enhance teaching and learning, and abundant clinical application scenarios help reinforce scientific principles and relate them to day-to-day anesthesia procedures. This clear, easy-to-read text will help even the most chemistry- and physics-phobic students to master the foundations of these sciences and competently apply them in a variety of clinical situations._x000D_ _x000D_ New to the Third Edition:_x000D_ Increased focus on clinical relevance_x000D_ Revised and updated chapters foster ease of understanding_x000D_ Clinical application scenarios open each chapter_x000D_ A new Chapter provides guidance about calculator use and a unique problem-solving method_x000D_ Detailed step-by-step solutions clarify answers to end-of-chapter problems_x000D_ Comprehensive list of all key equations with explanation of symbols_x000D_ New instructor materials, including PowerPoint slides_x000D_ Updated information on the gas laws_x000D_ Key Features:_x000D_ Written in an engaging, informal style for ease of understanding_x000D_ Focuses solely on chemistry and physics principles relevant to nurse anesthetists_x000D_ Provides end-of-chapter summaries and review questions_x000D_ Fifteen online videos enhance teaching and learning_x000D_ Includes abundant illustrations that apply theory to practice


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