Category Theory (Oxford Logic Guides) 2nd Edition 9780199237180
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Steve Awodey
Book Name: Category Theory (Oxford Logic Guides)
Subject Name: Engineering

Category Theory (Oxford Logic Guides) 2nd Edition Solutions

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Category theory is a branch of abstract algebra with incredibly diverse applications. This text and reference book is aimed not only at mathematicians but also researchers and students of computer science logic linguistics cognitive science philosophy and any of the other fields in which the ideas are being applied. Containing clear definitions of the essential concepts illuminated with numerous accessible examples and providing full proofs of all important propositions and theorems this book aims to make the basic ideas theorems and methods of category theory understandable to this broad readership.Although assuming few mathematical pre-requisites the standard of mathematical rigour is not compromised. The material covered includes the standard core of categoriesfunctorsnatural transformationsequivalencelimits and colimitsfunctor categoriesrepresentablesYoneda's lemmaadjointsmonads. An extra topic of cartesian closed categories and the lambda-calculus is also provided - a must for computer scientists logicians and linguists!This Second Edition contains numerous revisions to the original text including expanding the exposition revising and elaborating the proofs providing additional diagrams correcting typographical errors and finally adding an entirely new section on monoidal categories. Nearly a hundred new exercises have also been added many with solutions to make the book more useful as a course text and for self-study.Read more


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