Calculate with Confidence, 7e 7th Edition 9780323396837
Product Edition:7th Edition
Author: Deborah C. Gray Morris RN BSN MA LNC
Book Name: Calculate with Confidence, 7e
Subject Name: Science

Calculate with Confidence, 7e 7th Edition Solutions

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Learn the three major methods of drug calculation! Calculate with Confidence 7th Edition focuses on the increasing responsibility of the nurse in medication administration prioritizes client safety with QSEN and includes updated content that reflects the current scope of practice. This popular text covers the ratio and proportion formula and dimensional analysis methods offering a step-by-step approach to the calculation and administration of drug dosages. With over 2100 practice problems this comprehensive title focuses on enhancing the learning experience of nursing students at all curricular levels by making content clinically applicable.Over 2000 practice problems include pre-test and comprehensive post-test reviewPre-test Basic Math Comprehensive Unit and Basic Math review tests allows you a three-part approach to evaluate your understanding of basic math material covered in Unit 1 directing you to review chapters if you miss any of these test questions.UPDATED Medication Administration chapter includes medication safety expansion of discussion on client rights the basic six rights of medication administration and routes of medication administration.Chapter review problems and answer key tests all major topics presented in the chapter and enables you to assess understanding of chapter content.Safety Alert boxes highlight issues that may lead to mediation errors and empower you to identify actions that must be taken to avoid calculation errors.NEW! Content additions and updates includes word problems involving dosages Critical Thinking Scenarios a discussion of the concepts regarding safety issues with medication administration and calculation plus significant updates in the insulin critical care parenteral medication and heparin chapters.NEW! A-Z medication index references page numbers where the drug labels can be found.NEW! Medication labels recently added to the market highlights new and updated information relevant to practice.Read more


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