Biology 11th Edition 9780073525501
Product Edition:11th Edition
Author: Michael Windelspecht, Sylvia Mader
Book Name: Biology
Subject Name: Science

Biology 11th Edition Solutions

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The Mader/Windelspecht Story:Biology is a comprehensive introductory biology textbook for non-majors or mixed-majors courses that covers biology in a traditional order from the structure and function of the cell to the organization of the biosphere. The book which centers on the evolution and diversity of organisms is appropriate for a one- or two-semester course.The eleventh edition is the epitome of Mader's expertise: Its concise precise writing uses an economy of words to present the material as succinctly and clearly as possible thereby enabling students -- even non-majors -- to understand the concepts without necessarily asking the instructor to explain further.Sylvia Mader represents one of the icons of science education. Her dedication to her students coupled with her clear concise writing style has benefited the education of thousands of students over the past three decades.Dr. Michael�s Windelspecht: The integration of text and the digital world are now complete with the addition of Michael�s Windelspecht�s expertise in the development of digital learning assets. For over ten years Michael served as the Introductory Biology Coordinator at Appalachian State University in Boone NC where he directed a program that enrolls over 4500 non-science majors annually. Michael has acted as the leading architect in the design of the Mader media content for McGraw-Hill's Connect and LearnSmart. These assets allow instructors to easily design interactive tutorial materials enhance presentations in both the online and traditional environments and assess the learning objectives and outcomes of your course. Users who purchase Connect receive access to the full online eBook version of the textbook.Read more


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