Biological Science 3rd Edition 9780321543271
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Scott Freeman
Book Name: Biological Science
Subject Name: Science

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Learn Biology by Learning to Think like a Scientist�This pioneering text combines research-focused storytelling with the Socratic method to get students to think like practicing scientists. Each page of the book is designed in the spirit of active learning asking students to apply critical thinking skills as they learn key concepts. Accounts of real researchers designing and analyzing real experiments carefully punctuated by thoughtful questions and exercises train introductory students in the process of DOING biology.�With input from over 20 student focus groups and an advisory board of expert biology educators Scott Freeman has refined the Third Edition to fully tap into students� interest imagination and learning abilities. The clear writing lucid illustrations and active-learning features of previous editions have been strengthened as a result of the meticulous research and revision process conducted with students and the advisory board. New study tools directly address two of the biggest learning challenges for introductory students: finding important information and recognizing whether or not they truly understand a concept. Praised for its sensible use of evolutionary analysis and molecular biology as unifying themes the new edition has also been thoroughly revised for accuracy clarity and currency. The supplements package now includes exciting new BioFlix the groundbreaking MasteringBiology self-tutoring and assessment system and more.Read more


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