Biological Investigations Lab Manual 9th Edition 9780073383057
Product Edition:9th Edition
Author: Linda Westgate, Warren Dolphin, James Colbert, David Vleck, Randy Moore, Warren D. Dolphin
Book Name: Biological Investigations Lab Manual
Subject Name: Science

Biological Investigations Lab Manual 9th Edition Solutions

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The lead author of eight successful previous editions has brought together a team that combined has well over 60 years experience in offering beginning biology labs to several thousand students each year at Iowa State University. Their experience and diverse backgrounds ensure that this extensively revised edition will meet the needs of a new generation of students. Designed to be used with all majors-level general biology textbooks the included labs are investigative using both discovery- and hypothesis-based science methods. Students experimentally investigate topics observe structure use critical thinking skills to predict and test ideas and engage in hands-on learning. Students are often asked "what evidence do you have that..." in order to encourage them to think for themselves. By emphasizing investigative quantitative and comparative approaches to the topics the authors continually emphasize how the biological sciences are integrative yet unique. An instructor's manual available through McGraw-Hill Lab Central provides detailed advice based on the authors' experience on how to prepare materials for each lab teachings tips and lesson plans and questions that can be used in quizzes and practical exams. This manual is an excellent choice for colleges and universities that want their students to experience the breadth of modern biology.Read more


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