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Author: Dennis L. Eggleston
Book Name: Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers1st edition
Subject Name: Engineering

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Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers by Dennis Eggleston is an example of how the most important material in the introduction to electronics can be presented within a one semester time frame. The text is written in a nice logical sequence and is beneficial for students majoring in all areas … In addition, many examples and detailed introduction of all equations allow this course to be taught to students of different background[s] - sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Overall, the effort of the author is thrilling and, definitely, this text will be popular among many instructors and students.' Anatoliy Glushchenko, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs_x000D_ _x000D_ 'This text is an excellent choice for undergraduates majoring in Physics. It covers the basics, running from passive components through diodes, transistors and op-amps to digital electronics. This makes it self-contained and a one-stop reference for the student. A brief treatment of the semiconductor physics of silicon devices provides a good basis for understanding the mathematical models of their behaviour and the end-of-chapter problems help with the learning process. The concise and sequential nature of the book makes it easier to teach (and study) from than the venerable but somewhat overwhelming Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill.' David Hanna, W. C. Macdonald Professor of Physics, McGill University_x000D_ _x000D_ 'I have been frustrated in the past by my inability to find a suitable book for a one-semester Electronics course that starts with analog and progresses to basic digital circuits. Most available books seem to be out of date or aimed at electrical engineers rather than scientists. Eggleston's book is exactly what I was looking for - a basic course ideal for science students needing a practical introduction to Electronics. Written concisely and clearly, the book emphasizes many practical applications, but with sufficient theoretical explanation so that the results don't simply appear out of thin air.' Susan Lehman, Clare Boothe Luce Associate Professor and Chair of Physics, The College of WBook Description_x000D_ Ideal for a one-semester course, this concise textbook covers basic electronics for undergraduate students in science and engineering._x000D_ About the Author_x000D_ Dennis L. Eggleston is Professor of Physics at Occidental College, Los Angeles, where he teaches undergraduate courses and labs at all levels (including the course on which this textbook is based). He has also established an active research program in plasma physics and, together with his undergraduate assistants, he has designed and constructed three plasma devices which form the basis for an active research program in plasma physics.


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