Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare 1st Edition 9780199227280
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Alastair M. Gray, Philip M. Clarke, Jane L. Wolstenholme, Sarah Wordsworth
Book Name: Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare
Subject Name: Science

Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Healthcare 1st Edition Solutions

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The third volume in the Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation series this book provides the reader with a comprehensive set of instructions and examples of how to perform an economic evaluation of a health intervention. It focuses solely on cost-effectiveness analysis in health care. The book is developed out of the Advanced Methods of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis course taught at the University of Oxford and the four main sections mirror the four principalcomponents of the course: Outcomes Costs Modelling using decision tress and Markov models and Presenting cost-effectiveness results.&LABOUT THE SERIESSeries editors Alastair Gray and Andrew BriggsEconomic evaluation of health intervention is a growing specialist field and this series of practical handbooks tackles in depth topics superficially addressed in more general economics books. Each volume includes illustrative material case histories and worked examples to encourage the reader to apply the methods discussed with supporting material provided online. The series is for health economists in academia the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector those on advanced healtheconomics courses and health researchers in associated fields.Read more


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