Animal Behavior 1st Edition 9780199737598
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Shawn Nordell
Book Name: Animal Behavior
Subject Name: Science

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EMPHASIZES CONCEPTS.Focusing on big-picture concepts and the nature of scientific inquiry Animal Behavior: Concepts Methods and Applications gives students the tools that they need in order to understand and evaluate research examples and develop higher-order critical-thinking skills. Shawn E. Nordell and Thomas J. Valone build each chapter around broad organizing concepts offering students a clear learning progression and asolid framework for scaffolding their knowledge.FOCUSES ON METHODOLOGY AND THE PROCESS OF SCIENCE.Each concept is illustrated using research from the primary literature with an emphasis on themethods of the featured studies. The authors clearly identify the research question hypothesis and prediction for each featured study and then demonstrate how the methods allow the prediction to be tested. Many of the data figures throughout the text present means with standard errors as they would typically appear in the primary literature.HIGHLIGHTS REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS.To help students understand the significance of what they are studying each chapter contains examples of how various people and groups areapplying the concepts in animal behavior research to societal problems and issues.PRESENTS RICH PEDAGOGY.In addition to bolded key terms a running glossary chapter summaries and thought-provoking discussion questionsAnimal Behavior includes:- "Featured Research" narratives that illustrate and support key concepts in depth- "Scientific Process" boxes that summarize each step of the research process for selected studies- "Toolboxes" that explain essential skills or complex terms in the science of animal behavior- "Applying the Concepts" boxes that show how animal behavior research is being applied to solve real-world problems- Diverse research examples that represent all major taxa and highlight both classic and contemporary researchINCLUDES BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOS.Simple clear figures and vivid photographs help students visualize complex processes and connect directly with the natural world.OFFERS A COMPLETE SUPPORT PACKAGE.The following resources are available to adopters on the Instructor's Resource CD and theCompanion Website ( A video library and guide with links to videos directly related to the concepts in each chapter- A digital image library containing every illustration photo figure caption graph and table from the text as well as 300 additional annotated photos supplied by researchers- PowerPoint-based lecture notes with key concepts and featured research studies- A test bank* of 250+ multiple-choice questions (*available only on the Instructor's Resource CD)- Suggested further readingsRead more


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